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Large Developments

Large developments can include luxury homes and associated annexes, gate-houses, pool-houses and tennis courts to substantial buildings divided into separate apartments. Our services on this scale can include new builds, renovations, extensions and refurbishments, or a combination or all of these.

All our projects include a high level of build quality, craftsmanship and finish and at the high end of the market this is where we excel. We not only provide top end building standards, but we also specialize and can advise on most luxury items and work with a wide range of professionals geared to provide exceptional services to create a dream home or substantial complex of apartments.

Our professional team is scalable. This means we can contract in a team with different skill sets to bring the whole project together with minimal complication. We have worked together before on many projects and know what can be achieved and how to achieve it on time and within budget.

There are some very large properties out there. We have been able to bring back their original grandeur, and/or upgrade them to dynamic contemporary standards ready to be enjoyed in a whole new way.

Please see a selection of large development projects completed in the past and their associated testimonials.

Refurbishment Projects

A great way to increase the value of your existing property and to upgrade your living space is to refurbish or renovate. Many older properties are in need of an upgrade and for many people this is a popular way of moving up in the housing market without overstretching themselves.

We can visit you to discuss your ideas and with many years experience will also have some good ideas of our own. As part of the discussion we can advise on disruption if you are living in the property and can work out a sensible plan for the project so you know exactly what is involved at each stage. We can then properly manage your project so it is kept within time constraints and budget. You will have our honest opinion of what is possible so there aren’t big surprises.

Stallwood can also help with competitively priced suppliers of pretty much everything you need, whether that includes windows, kitchens, sanitary ware or paving, we know where to go. We have many years experience sourcing high quality items which are also at sensible prices.

In addition to refurbishing interiors, we can also help with exterior items, outbuildings, terraces and all associated amenities. If you are interested in a quote or even a reality check for a future project, then get in touch. We’d love to help.

Please see a selection of refurbishment projects completed in the past and their associated testimonials.


Adding an extension to augment your property is often a better option to upgrading your living space without needing to move. We find the work also often includes some refurbishment to upgrade the existing building. It is a great opportunity to change something you like, into something you love. Extensions are increasingly popular because many properties were built in an era where smaller living spaces were easier to heat. Now, with modern heating systems, efficient insulation, dynamic windows and doors and modern methods to support large ceilings, big beautiful spaces are popular and almost anything is possible.

You may need a bigger kitchen, lounge or dining room, or combine all three. You may simply need to add a utility room, family room or expand your property to accommodate another bedroom, office or sunroom. We have helped to design, then project manage and build a great many extensions from a single room, to a multiple room multi storey extension that totally transformed a property.

Some projects are vast enough to warrant moving out during works, but others can be accomplished with only minimal disruption, ensuring that any inconvenience is kept to a minimum. However your project proceeds, it is always meticulously controlled so you will be able to follow each stage, safe in the knowledge your budget is under control, and how long it will be before you can celebrate in the new space.

Please see a selection of extension projects completed in the past and their associated testimonials.

New Builds

We have extensive experience building new homes. Suitable land includes brown fields sites, green field sites, existing property plots or land to the rear or side of an existing property. We also have experience building new homes in traditional styles to exactly match nearby properties or more contemporary homes.

The great thing about a new build is that you have a blank canvas. Subject to planning consents there is huge scope to design something distinctive which provides a beautiful living space. We use reputable and efficient architects, structural engineers, surveyors and building inspectors to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Our services include preparation of existing land, including demolition of required. We then build from the ground up. From foundations, to brick or stone-work, to utilities, kitchen and bathroom choices, roof choices and internal and external decorations, the project is carefully managed throughout.

It may seem a daunting task to build a new property, but in many ways it is easier than integrating and upgrading an older building. With a new build, you know what you are working with and everything is designed to do its job well. The only predictable and manageable variation is with suppliers and we are used to that. With local knowledge and experience working with many associated professionals, we build contingency into the project so we know it can be completed in time and within budget. Please see a selection of new building projects completed in the past and their associated testimonials.

Commercial Projects

Commercial build projects cover a wide range of sectors, from schools and public buildings to shops, offices and sports facilities. There are some unique challenges with some of these projects, but we have the experience and work with a range of architects and planners to bring the whole thing together.

Sometimes work needs to be completed within very specific dates or at a location that can be technically challenging. We include all variables from the start, and work through projects that have been meticulously planned and have contracted budget controls and timings so everything runs smoothly.

At Stallwood we pride ourselves on great communication. This ensures our team know what is happening and when. For all projects, but especially commercial build projects it is also critical to the client to know how things are progressing, and be available at key decision points as part of the project management.

Our professional team of trades have worked together on many projects and are able to head off any delays or complications. Each team knows what the other needs going from one phase to the next. They are just a phone call away from resolving an issue that would otherwise hold things up.

Please see a selection of commercial building projects completed in the past and their associated testimonials.